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It’s not over yet…


If you’re like me, I feel like I’m already mourning the end of summer. September issues, ‘Back to school’ signs, and fall fashion are dominating my news feed. It’s the pace of life now; the present is almost impossible to enjoy and Instagram Stories and Snapchat have literally made content older than 24 hours disappear. When you think about the implications of this shelf life it’s hard not to ponder the quality of well, anything really, online. I digress…my point is is that I still want to talk a little bit about Summer fashion a little. It’s the middle of August and we have at least 6 more weeks of hot weather. Scrolling Instagram recently I came across this picture of The Tot co-founder, Nasiba Adilova wearing a stunning Athena Procopiou kimono. What originally started as a scarf capsule evolved into a full line of resort essentials from the London-based brand. I went down the black hole of Instagram for at least an hour discovering the brand via every cool girl rocking the covetable dresses and caftans. This is when I decided that not only must I own one of the print-heavy dresses, but that summer isn’t over, and shopping for summer isn’t either. Readers, meet Athena Procopiou’s made in Italy, versatile collection of resort-focused, wear anywhere luxury items that will last much longer than “24 hours.”

Tags: Greece / London / luxury / ready-to-wear / Resort / Style / womenswear

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