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Tigra Tigra, formerly known as Cistanthe, is the most interesting answer to new-old clothes I’ve seen in a long time. Bailey Hunter is the quiet designer behind the brand that employs an Ahmedabad, an India–based women’s empowerment NGO cooperative to create silken and hand-embroidered mashroo textiles and then reimagines in her LA studio for the fashion-forward crowd. She mashes together artisan techniques with Western culture and the product is truly original while remaining authentic and simultaneously supporting socio-economic growth among women in developing communities. The brand hand embroiders recognizable Western brand names, like Sweet ‘n Low, and other cute sayings on the centuries-old textiles. It has gotten harder and harder to find unique and pleasing fashion – and Tigra Tigra is fulfilling this for me right now. Oh, and I want this.

Tags: India / Shopping / street culture / Western culture / womenswear

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