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I placed an order from Staud…


I discovered Stuad earlier this year when Sarah Staudinger, the designer behind the brand, accused Reformation (her previous employer) of copying. I was drawn to the simple and sexy, 70s-inpsired aesthetic and sustainable lean. I hadn’t purchased anything until two weeks ago when I bought the Henry dress in terracotta and the Trevi bag in navy and red. I know it’s not a huge range to ensure quality or variety of product, but the other things I wanted to try were out of stock like the Jimmy top (in navy) and the Felipe dress (in black).

By now, you probably know I’m particular about my shipping. I don’t like to pay for it unless I will receive it the same day. Staud’s only options were UPS Ground or 3-day UPS (which was $29). Neither are ideal, but I wasn’t going to pay $29 for it to arrive by Friday. (I placed my order on a Sunday.)

When my package arrived the box was severely damaged and partly opened. Clearly this is not Staud’s fault, but I was bummed. Inside were my two pieces wrapped in tissue and brightly covered POM POM BALLS. I had not anticipated my excitement about these cute little balls and immediately picked each one out of the box and gave them to my son to use as “dirt” when he played dump trucks. He too is obsessed. Back to the clothes…the bag is cute and there is more structure to it than I expected for a crochet-style bag. The dress is meh. It’s lined and which I appreciate, but the V is super deep and I will either have to go bra-less or get a special bra to accommodate. Anything that requires particular undergarments is not part of my effortless look. I want the look to, in fact, be effortless.

I didn’t return either item, but probably would not have purchased if I had tried on first in a store. I’m not ruling out another go with Staud, but wasn’t over the moon about this order. It’s totally possible I ordered wrong and needed to try more variety to find something that fits my body type better. I admire brands who try to accommodate the many different female body types, but as a woman with hips, this effort can fall short when more sizing options beyond S, M, L would be more helpful for a better fit. In the mean time I’ll call this experience TBD.

Image via Stuad

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