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I placed an order from Kindred Black…


I stumbled upon new e-retailer Kindred Black while Googling stockists for womenswear brand Vivien Ramsay. A fabulous brand that has become a favorite of mine. I have Ariane Prewitt of AP Shop to thank for the introduction. (The brand is carried at some of the best independent stores I shop in, but there is never enough variety or product among the retailers.) Alice Wells and Jennifer Francis launched the online only destination shop for eco-luxury products and has a specific socially conscious and responsible vision that brands they carry must adhere to. Whether it is the use of natural or recycled materials, low waste packaging, artisan-made, locally sourced, or vintage – brands must have at least one, but preferably more of these defining features. Vivien Ramsay more than covers many of the elements and Kindred Black has secured pieces from the brand I have not seen before. I purchased these shorts, and to be honest I wasn’t expecting much in packaging from a site that credits itself as eco-friendly, but as Alice and Jennifer have said, design doesn’t need to be compromised in order to be made responsibly. In short, the packaging was beautiful and on brand.

The shop is still new and has been live for less than a year. Not all of the brands were recognizable to me, which I don’t mind, but would like more context for the brands overall. For a site with such an admirable mission I would like to know in what way I’m supporting Vivien Ramsay or Samuji’s sustainable efforts. Their clothing selection is small, and while unique, I do still want more to actually shop. Perhaps this is on its way as they sort out what their customer wants, but there are loads of designers that fit what they’re looking for who would be great to add to their mix. I would say their accessories edit is stronger at this time. Hopefully, adding shoes is also on their list.

The journal is their blog, and it provides a greater perspective and more dimension into the Kindred Black brand. This is getting a little picky, but for an online shop, I don’t want to read much, I want images and don’t want to click into a post to Read more. When I reached out to the press contact, she responded immediately, and I’m hopeful to have the opportunity to interview Alice and Jennifer and possibly collaborate soon.Without a doubt, Kindred Black has loads of potential and little market competition, I’m anxious to see how they will grow.

Image via Kindred Black website

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