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I placed an order from Cienne NY…


I think it is pretty obvious my shopping habit is 24/7 and this may or may not be the beginning of a new series, but I placed an order from Cienne NY and this was my experience…

I have been style stalking Rajni Jacques long before she agreed to an interview for the site. And on a couple occasions she was wearing the orange silk Charlotte pant from Cienne NY. I had seen an advertisement on Facebook for this brand (well done targeted advertsising), and quickly went to their website because their logo was so cute and appealing. Hello, pink and orange! The brand is rooted in their commitment to sustainable sourcing and production, and the pricing was reasonable (another direct-to-consumer), but something held me back from pulling the trigger. Another couple of spins on their site still left me empty handed. It wasn’t until I saw Jacques wearing the pants again that I firmly decided I had to have the same pair.

I placed an order for the pants on a Tuesday evening and chose overnight shipping (I love shopping online but hate waiting for my purchase). I was leaving on a trip that Friday and really wanted to take the pants with me. The day after I received my shipping notification and I followed up with customer service to confirm I would receive the day after. Lindsey wrote back immediately confirming the package had shipped, but assuring me she would messenger a pair if I did not receive before Thursday. There was no reason to worry, the pants arrived, and Lindsey checked to make sure.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have curvature on my backside and real hips, so buying pants without trying them on is sometimes a gamble. To my delight, the pants were exactly as described: wide-leg pants are lightweight, sit high on the waist, and are very flattering. There isn’t a ton of info about the brand or it’s designers, as it’s still a new brand and the buzz has been quiet, which I actually kind of like because my find (or steal, rather) feels like a secret.

Image via Cienne NY website & Rajni Jacques Instagram

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