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I find this shocking…


Yesterday, actor Leslie Jones wrote on Twitter:

“It’s so funny how there are no designers wanting to help me with a premiere dress for movie. Hmmm that will change and I remember everything.”

She may not be a household name yet, but she is one of the stars in the about-to-be-released Ghostbusters film. She is also a hilarious comedian and a series regular on Saturday Night Live. This conundrum in my opinion is part of a much larger conversation about image building and branding I fully intend on writing, but am realizing there may be enough content here for an entire series. Melissa McCarthy also had this problem a few years ago when no one would dress her for the Oscars. Yes, the OSCARS! I get it, brands want to align with celebrities they believe are living their brand image in their so-called every day life and want their customers to aspire to be like them through their brand. When will brands realize that this ship has sailed? It’s so transparent and with the uptick in personal style style we want to be the best versions of ourselves. (And we all know celebrities wear your clothes because they are paid to or gifted.)

If brands really cared about sales, which is what I always thought the underlying purpose of all the free clothes, advertising, and brand ambassadorships was – then Leslie Jones is exactly who designers should want to dress. She’s beautiful and funny and women can relate to her! I’m seriously so tired of brands thinking they are such hot shit to dress anyone but the thinnest and prettiest, and how dare anyone suggest otherwise. I’ll suggest otherwise! Real women buy clothes!

Photo via Jezebel.com

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