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How do you feel about lace leggings?


Usually I know immediately how I feel about a look – or specific item of clothing, especially one so particular like these Stella McCartney lace leggings it can illicit a reaction so powerful there’s no convincing me otherwise once I’ve committed. But in this case, I’m really torn about how I feel. I had to enlist Ariel’s opinion on the subject, here’s her eloquent response:

“I like that you can wear lace as bottoms and have them not look too mature. Because they’re more of a layering piece, it also makes the case that clingy lace doesn’t have to be super sexy. It’s an interesting interpretation of a 1980s theme that doesn’t look dated.”

Thanks, Ariel. I still feel conflicted. What I can’t figure out is if they’re too contrived. And if they’re see-through see-through. They must be, right? Maybe they would be cute with some boy shorts underneath, like you’re in on it, but this drastically reduces the places they can be worn. Lace leggings are probably perfect for, say, festival season; I’m sure they will be everywhere. If they suddenly appeared in my closet I would pair them with this extremely oversized, pink Acne sweatshirt or some tour merch to take the edge off the inherent femininity of the lace pants.


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