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Holiday dressing: let’s get festive!


‘Tis the season for many holiday parties. So what are you wearing? Outfit ideas can run the gamut depending on the host of the party. One would assume you’re not wearing the same ensemble to a work party and your best friend’s fiesta. With all these parties though no one wants to invest in one-time-only holiday attire. So what’s the trick to keeping it festive and long lasting? This may sound a little Grinch-y but the easiest way not to waste money on holiday dressing is to avoid the theme at the theme party. Ugly sweaters, dressing like the Christmas tree topper, Santa’s workshop costumes can be fun (I guess) but spending money on something intentionally ugly makes zero sense to me. I’m not suggesting boycotting these parties, instead, wear something that nods to the theme. For example, at first glance this sweater appears holiday-themed, but is actually just a cool sweater. Sequins and sparkles are always festive but no one wants to look like a walking ornament so pair these sequin pants or this metallic skirt with an ivory cashmere sweater. This red Miu Miu mini skirt will be lifetime purchase while simultaneously fulfilling any Santa’s workshop or elf-themed parties in your future. Any of these dresses from Datura paired with velvet platforms would feel very festive and could easily be worn on the beach next summer with a pair of strappy sandals. This Datura dress is flattering, and conservative enough without being boring, to wear to your work party. Shoes are always an easy way to keep things festive when things on top need to swing a little less adventurous. I like this pair and this pair.

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