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Have you heard of Batsheva?


The latest new brand challenging traditional womenswear right now is New York-based brand Batsheva. Launched by Batsheva Hay earlier this year, she tells Vogue, “The way I dress has always been my thing. It was always just a fun, quirky expression of my personality, but I never considered being in fashion—it wasn’t even on the radar.” The lawyer-turned-mother-turned designer was inspired by exactly who you think she was: Laura Ashley. I, too, came of age in the Laura Ashley-era and unlike Hay was not interested in the frilly, smock dresses she loved. I am, however, very into Hay’s interpretation of the mother/daughter brand. Perhaps it’s the new Victorian-inspired styles that have been turning up at Jacquemus, Valentino for a few seasons, or the brands whose very ethos is to modernize the style known for their high neck collars, billowy sleeves, lace and ruffles, like Simone Rocha and Molly Goddard. Covering up feels fresh right now. And I completely support challenging society’s Victoria’s Secret/Kardashian brand of sexy.

In order to avoid looking like you just stepped out of “Little House on the Praire” I would make sure your accessories are on point. A pair of Prada brougues or jacquard mules would reinforce the modernity of the dress. A pair of high tops would keep the dress more casual. I just bought this one, what do you think?

Image via Batsheva.com

Tags: childrenswear / Laura Ashley / Victorian / women's

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