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I hate jeans, but should I try these?


I really, really don’t like wearing jeans. I find them restrictive and uninspired. But I used to wear them, and often. And I did partake in most major trends over the last ten years: flared jeans, skinny jeans, cropped jeans, wide-leg jeans. And I’ve tried all the brands: Earnest Sewn, Acne, AG Jeans 7 For All Mankind, rag & bone, Amo, Madewell. But literally not a single pair ever fit me well. It’s not entirely the denim industry’s fault, my body type is not easy. I’m thin on top, with a small waist, but have hips and thighs. I always had to size up for the legs and take in the waist. Which is annoying because then I have to schlepp to the tailor. With all that being said, I am always curious about a new brand, hoping maybe this is the one! So here I am again, faced with this pair of red painter pants made out of cotton bull denim by Bliss and Mischief. I did try a pair of their jeans before, they had zero stretch and I could not pull “my size” over my bum. I can’t stop thinking about them though. So here I am, an eternal denim optimist with a shopping habit.

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