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So good I bought it twice


A few of my most beloved pieces in my wardrobe sat in my closet because I was scared to wear them. It’s true, a handful of items I own fit so well that out of fear of not being able to replace them if lost or damaged, I never wore them. So I bought a back up. It started with vintage Alaïa leggings. A new pair is so covetable, and usually sold out, when I finally got my own, I was overcome with fear that I would ruin them. So I started stalking re-sale sites for my size. That’s how I’ve ended up with a questionable pair of red ones. Recently I bought my second Ciao Lucia Allegra top. And I frantically scoured The RealReal until I found a second pair of these Chloé harem pants from Spring/Summer 2016. Clearly these tendencies are questionable and the fear probably represents some buried something. But the only way I can enjoy my favorites pieces is by knowing the style moment will live on in a second pair. Is this an example of excellent future planning? Or is it the opposite of wardrobe FOMO? I’m not sure yet, but I’m hoping in ten years I’ll be grateful for that backup pair of Chloé pants.

Tags: LA / ready-to-wear / Shop Super Street / women's / womenswear

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