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Despite the experienced shopper I claim myself to be, I always, always have to really think about what to get the men in my life. Take my husband for example, the man wears bespoke suits (so that’s out), his hobbies don’t really require stuff (playing poker, watching sports), and if he needs or wants a new pair of shoes, a golf club or workout clothes, he just buys it. Getting creative with his gifts is a must. I usually scan other blogs’ gift guides for inspiration, but I find them pretty generic, and every year the guide resembles the previous year’s. My guy is not into BBQ tools or exotic hot sauce (aren’t these ideas equivalent to like kitchen gadgets for women, which is a firm NO?), or a giant bag of pistachios (this is literally what I buy my 92 year-old grandpa every year though). Why are the guides for men so boring?

For the first year, I took a stab at it, and I think our choices are more varied and practical, while still being exciting. I do have to say, the best gifts I’ve ever bought my husband are experiences. Trips, events or theater tickets are things we usually discuss together, so when I buy without his input, he gets to experience a cultural phenomenon like Sleep No More (which he loved) or a guys-only group trip to the Michigan vs Ohio State football game (his exact words, “it was epic.”). Hopefully you find some inspiring ideas in our guide!

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Set of 3: New York Times 36 Hours

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Tosan Pop shirt

New York Knicks tickets

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John Elliot sweatpants

Shinola leather basketball

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A9 Wireless Speaker

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