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I found the best tank tops


I used to buy strappy tank tops from Urban Outfitters, but now I just feel too old to shop there. And I’m not saying that for you guys to be all, “No, you’re not old,” I know I’m not old…get my point? Regardless, they had good, lightweight spaghetti strap tanks for like $20 and they lasted forever. I still have a couple in my closet. All summer I have been searching for something comparable to throw on with high waisted pants, skirts, shorts – everything, really. They had to be cotton, and fitted, but not too fitted. Lightweight but not sheer. Turns out, this is hard to find. Until one fated day, a designer friend was wearing the cutest, simplest black cotton dress. “Lacausa,” she said when I asked the brand. I had never heard of it. After some research I learned Lacausa is a sustainably produced brand in LA who makes the staples of one’s wardrobe. Honestly, the brand had me at sustainable. As I have become more cautious of the brands I add to my rotation the “how” and “where” clothes are made is really important. When I placed an order for two Gauze Camis I hoped the quality was as good as their mission. And let me tell you…it is! They are the tanks I have been dreaming about and I am a very happy new customer who will be returning.


Tags: ethical / LA / ready-to-wear / sustainable / US / womenswear

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