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FOMO: To buy or not to buy?


On any given day, I open my email and I have at least 75-100 emails from retailers and independent designers. While I have subscribed to many newsletters, some are automatic when you place an order online. My love and support for small, independent designers is well documented here, and I’m happy to hear most news updates, but the emails from retailers are becoming more and more…confusing.

I have always prided myself on knowing exactly what I like, how I want to wear it, and don’t usually get too caught up in many trends. However, near daily emails from Net-a-Porter, Matches Fashion, Revolve Clothing, J. Crew, Moda Operandi with their formulaic “Things You Might Like” round ups based on previous searches or purchases are hitting an unfamiliar note within me and forcing me to consider this: am I really in control of my personal style?

The answer may seem obvious, as no one is forcing me to hit ‘Purchase’ or ‘Place Order’ but I’m not sure I would have had it not been for those fear mongering emails with subject lines “Don’t Miss Out!” reminding me of all the items in my size almost out of stock. And because of my FOMO I always click and do a quick look through, and then I find myself adding items to my bag! What is this? Do I really think Net-a-Porter’s retail algorithms know me better than I know myself? And you, Moda Operandi, I didn’t “forget” about that dress I left in my bag – I am mentally bargaining with myself that if I buy this, it will be the last dress for the season.

I never love the stuff I’ve bought off these retail strategy tactics, but clearly they work. Bottom line, maybe I need more self control or designated shopping days,  but do you find yourself purchasing from “Suggested Items” or do you stick to what you’re looking for only?

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