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Embroidery at its best


My latest obsession is anything with embroidery: pants, t-shirts, jackets, sweaters – the list goes on for me. A little over a year ago, I bought this Bliss & Mischief jacket to accompany my vintage embroidered peasant blouses, and really never looked back. I was embracing this trend! (This, this, and this have since been added!) What I love about embroidery, especially when you can customize your design, is that it really takes a pretty basic item and elevates it to a very personal level. It lets the wearer dabble in design without the commitment of actually designing a piece of clothing. Gucci and Valentino have been playing with embellishments for a few seasons, but the trend has a real throwback appeal to it. It’s a true artisan craft the fashion world has made a bit more chic.

While the bold Gucci designs are playful and fun, they’re expensive! I like that so many brands are getting in on the trend as the subtle options out there right now. Lingua Franca is the cult line of embroidered cashmere sweaters by Rachelle Hruska. It’s still a new-ish brand and when it started was only available via email to Rachelle. Rachelle would email you a variety of vintage cashmere sweaters available, and allow you pick a meaningful rap lyric or political statement to be hand stitched, in the thread color of your choice, onto the sweater. In a way this process felt like a real nod to couture! Now Lingua Franca sweaters are available in a handful of places in limited quantities, and are often sold out. T-shirt line Banner Day is another small brand by Laveer designer, Kate Ciepluch and Graham Sisson. Also vintage-inspired the duo began sourcing illustrations from an artist friend and transferring them onto linen t-shirts. Beach scenes, symbols, and Friday Saturday Sunday adorn their shirts available on their website. They’re lightweight and conform to one’s body beautifully. A brand I just discovered on Instagram is Omondi. It’s a full line of ready-to-wear, but the most covetable item in the collection is a custom sweatshirt. All the editors are embracing this brand.

It’s easy to love a low fuss item, and something one can really make a statement with. And really, all we fashion people want is something extra special, one-of-a-kind we can post on social media! Here are some of my other favorites:

Peter Pilotto skirt

Tabitha Simmons linen embroidered flats

Rosie Assoulin salad bar embroidered shirt

Lingua Franca ‘Old School’ sweater

Bliss and Mischief flower embroidered jeans

Étoile Isabel Marant embroidered linen top

Banner Day embroidered cherries tee

Off-White rose embroidered denim jacket

Juliet Dunn embroidered silk dress

Tigra Tigra embroidered jumpsuit


Editor’s note: I wrote this piece on Inauguration Day and only felt it appropriate to feature this image to showcase how we are feeling at Exposed Zippers. (I also just ordered the red one.)

Image via Lingua Franca Instagram

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