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Dressing like an early 2000s Olsen


I’ve noticed many of these posts revolve around the weather. But, why shouldn’t they? When you’re running around the city dropping kids off, heading to meetings, lunches, and early dinners with your husband, an outfit works hard to be functional, stylish, and comfortable. It can be tough to predict much in New York City, so being compatibly dressed with Mother Nature goes a long way. We’re in our 6th or 7th day of extreme cold, and over the weekend, I kinda didn’t know, or care, what I was throwing on as long as it was warm enough and slush-proof. My uniform was feeling tired, sweater/leggings, sweater/leather pants, sweater/different pair of leggings and while today was still cold as balls, I woke up feeling different. I eyed my red Muzungu Sisters silk dress laying on my chaise (I haven’t fully unpacked from LA…), and said to myself, “I’m going early 2000s Olsen twin today.” Otherwise known as their homeless or granny chic phase. This trend was layer, layer, layer/who cares what goes together/I look cool. Mostly I wanted to change it up, throw on something bright, and pretend Spring is near. However, I still needed to layer: fleece-lined leggings, dress, oversized Suno turtleneck sweater, the warmest coat I’ve ever owned, and my trusted clog boots. It was sort of…predictable on top with a total surprise on the bottom. Who doesn’t love a burst of red silk peeking out on a cold day? And I think today’s outfit also reignited my love of wearing dresses over pants – which is always a good idea, regardless of the season.

Tags: bohemian / granny chic / homeless chic / Mary Kate Olsen / Olsen twin / Shopping / trend

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