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Why I don’t own the cult Cult Gaia bag


Jasmin Larian was never interested in creating something basic. For over a year now her brand, Cult Gaia’s cult Ark bag has been in high demand and heavily Instagrammed even though the bag debuted in 2013. I don’t remember where I first saw it, but when I did, I wanted it, but it was sold out. I waited and waited and waited and then forgot about it. And all of a sudden every “cool” person on Instagram was carrying the Ark bag! This is the exact moment I no longer wanted it. I respect Larian’s goal to design something showstopping, recognizable, and affordable. (The original bag retailed at $88.) But, it had lost it’s appeal for me.

Now with a slew of stockists, a few more color ways, a couple of new styles, and an on-brand ready-to-wear collection (think slip dresses, bustier tops, and wrap skirts) with a Reformation-style ethos to match- the brand is clearly just getting started. Who knows if this it-bag can turn itself into a¬†full successful collection, but it’s worth watching.

Tags: Accessories / LA / ready-to-wear / Resort / trend / womenswear

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