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Image via Vanity Fair

Donald Robertson


Artist, Cali Lover, Creative Director, Father of Five, Self Proclaimed Art-A-Holic, Donald “Draw”Bertson doesn’t just do it all, he does it all with spectacular vision and seemingly endless energy. Cheerfully challenging the conventional art world, Donald posts his fashion illustrations, life inspirations and furry friends on Instagram with his distinctive flair. With 100,000 + “Draw”-addicts and counting, the suburban dad unexpectedly discovered art success – the icing on his already sweet cake of a very accomplished commercial career. With numerous collaborations under his belt (did you see those J. Crew t-shirts?) and many on the horizon, the fashion world is not tiring of his playful, signature style. You can see Robertson’s new work at the Firestone Gallery in New York City or splurge at Colette on his limited edition Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick or, of course, follow him on Instagram for very, very timely updates.


With a full time job at Bobbi Brown, a large family, including less-than-a-year-old twin boys, and a career as an artist how do you find the time for everything you do?

I’m actually working with Davis Factor and his crew at Smashbox Cosmetics in LA right now. We had moved there from NYC for the summer and now we are addicted to all things Cali! You would not believe how much time you have in your life if you turn off the TV! Try it!

Many people told you not to post your work on Instagram out of fear it would be devalued – how did you know it was right to ignore this advice?

The best thing about Instagram is that I am the GOD of my feed! What I say goes. I can mess up and reset in an hour! I post and sell a lot of my work wet!! I actually have to wait for it to dry.

From Harper’s Bazaar to Colette to Giles Deacon, everyone has wanted to work with you – how does this make you feel?

It makes me feel really really good inside.

To date, what has been your most exciting collaboration?

As Fred Astaire would say when asked who was his favorite dance partner…love ’em all!

Despite a very accomplished career prior to your artist success – has the attention surprised you?

Yes. For a suburban dad with five kids to be launching a Smashbox lipstick case featuring my art at Colette in Paris defies all the rules of focus groups.

Have you had your own starstruck moment?

Yes I love Gwendoline Christie from Game of Thrones. She is in Star Wars and The Hunger Games. I watched her become a movie star. She’s cool and nice and bad!

Currently, you’re having a show at Firestone Gallery – can you tell us about the pieces in this exhibit?

It’s kind of a new concept! We rented a space to create art in for a show! I painted and painted and painted. Then the Firestone crew framed it all and had a show exactly where the art happened! Love that.

Where else can people buy your work?

At Colette in Paris and on this thing called Trendabl, it’s an app! Download and search me.

Are you heading to Miami for Art Basel?

Yes I’m painting a car and driving it to Art Basel. Watch my Instagram for this performance art piece!

You obviously have a tremendous creative energy. What inspires you?

I am an art-a-holic! I need a church basement.

Just curious, has the brand who makes your gaffer tape ever reached out to you?

Yes. Even better. The extremely generous U-Line family of Chicago is like my Peggy Guggenheim they practically sponsor me! So appreciative.

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