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Image courtesy Bergdorf Goodman

David Hoey


Window Wizards is a special holiday series featuring a behind-the-scenes survey of the creative visionaries behind New York’s highly anticipated holiday windows. First up, we had a chance to speak with David Hoey, Senior Director of Visual Presentation at Bergdorf Goodman. David is renowned for his extraordinary creations in the Bergdorf Goodman windows on 5th Avenue and 57th Streets. The store’s spectacular holiday windows will entrance with luxury, fantasy and fun while benefiting the U.S. Fund for UNICEF.


What three phrases best describe the 2014 holiday windows at Bergdorf Goodman?

– opulent yet madcap

– scholarly, yet psychedelic

– baroque-a-go-go

How many years have you been a window dresser?

Twenty-four years.

How many hours does it take to install the holiday windows?

Two weeks and 2500 man hours.

What are the most exquisite items in the windows?

We have a large collection of historical author’s portraits made from needlepoint. An environmental sculpture made completely from brass musical instruments–enough for a small marching band. We have a fantasy re-creation of a mid-century neon movie marquee. A large scale re-creation of a fantasy cityscape made from vintage blueprints, and much more.

What is the most unexpected item in the windows?

What will be unexpected about our windows is the fact that each one is so different from the others. Each is a world unto itself, each made from a different primary material. Pedestrians will not know what to expect as they approach each window in succession.

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