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Dagny + Barstow women’s gift guide


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We caught up with Emily and Meredith of Dagny + Barstow, one of our favorite New York shopping destinations, to find out what their best gifts of the season are this year. Here’s hoping a pair of Aperlai boots end up under my tree!

Where are you traveling to this holiday season?

Emily: I’m going skiing with my family in Cortina, Italy.

Meredith: I’m going to see my fiancée’s family in Boston.

What are you taking with you?

Emily: My Au Jour Le Jour skier print sweatshirt and lots of fur accessories.

Meredith: My coziest Roseanna flannel and a Louise Dungate triple snood. I’m definitely scared of how cold my first New England Christmas will be!

Which items are selling out fast this month?

Everything with the Skiers from Au Jour Le Jour has been an absolute hit. We put a skier sweatshirt in the window and haven’t been able to keep them in stock. Lizzie Fortunato’s jewelry and bags have also been going really fast, especially since her scale bracelets are such an easy gift for the holidays.

Do you have any unique holiday traditions?

Emily: Every Christmas my whole entire family gets the same “family shirt” as a gift. Then we wear them all day on Christmas.

Meredith: Every year my family promises to start actually celebrating Festivus (complete with feats of strength and an aluminum pole) from Seinfeld, but we never get around to it.

What are you getting for each other?

Normally we get each other Steelers and Jets gear to amp up our rivalry. Usually around that time of year it starts to get ugly, but this season I don’t think it will be a problem as neither of our teams’ postseasons are looking too promising.

Products in order of appearance: Au Jour Le Jour Skier Sweatshirt, Aperlai Croc Embossed Flat Boot, Swash London Iphone 5 Case, Swash London Winter Wool Scarf, Annelise Michelson Silicone + Lace Collar, Sophie Hum Mini Envelope Bag, Mother of Pearl Achilles Canvas Sneakers

Shop at www.dagnyandbarstow.com or 264 Bowery



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