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A cozy house in Malibu and the all-purpose cardigan


I just returned from one my second favorite place in the United States: Malibu. We used Kid & Coe to rent a family-friendly house near the beach and it was beyond lovely. The houses in this part of the country are designed in a way I describe as wide and flat. The rooms feel sprawling and are sort of layered on top of each other, tied together by cozy blankets and beautiful textiles draped in the corners. I have always been taken by the California aesthetic and this house delivered. Oversized, comfy furniture, textured wall hangings, misshapen succulents, and a thousand glass doors leading to a huge backyard and garden fulfilled this New Yorker’s idea of how it might feel living in California. So much so I asked my husband if we could move. We have family in the area so even though he said no, I know we’ll be back soon.

Now, on to my California wardrobe. The weather was beautiful, mid 70s during the day, and in true California form, very chilly at night. (However, nothing compared to this nonsensical cold we are currently experiencing.) I flew to LA wearing this coat, but it was fully unnecessary when I arrived, both practically and stylistically. I have always known LA is more casual than New York, but this is especially true in Malibu. Under my coat I layered this no longer available cardigan I bought last year from Naadam Cashmere. I have worn this sweater all over the world, and basically lived in it last year when I was pregnant. Little did I know, it would be the single most worn item I packed for California. The cardigan is versatile, and if you buy it oversized enough you can fit a couple of layers underneath and it can act as a piece of outerwear. This was crucial for me in Malibu given the temperature fluctuations between sunrise and sunset. And although I wore leggings every day I alternated my Ciao Lucia Allegra top and this billowing blouse from Dôen. Aside from working out, the only way we should style leggings outside the house is in a “fancy” way. I do this with my shoes. I wore these Alexandre Birman slingbacks everywhere. And on top, was my trusty cardigan. Maybe cardigans are making a comeback, or maybe I’m just finally giving them the attention they deserve, but I wouldn’t mind having this one or this one. And maybe this over-the-top Gucci. And I have been site stalking this one for weeks. Whatever you choose, size up for the lived-in look.

Image via Kid & Coe

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