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Couture! 2015


Round 2 of our celebrity-couture pairings! Maybe we have a future in styling…?

Armani Privé: The theme here was butterfly punk – a lot of pink, metallic, feathers, and fringe. A one-shouldered dress requires someone broad enough to make the distinction, but delicate enough that her shoulders do not overpower. Anne Hathaway is perfect for this and she looks good in a column silhouette.

Maison Margiela 1: Naked dresses continue to be all the rage, but because this dress is so architectural it requires a confident woman. Beyoncé would own this dress. The event would also need to be appropriate, I’m not sure this would work for a movie premiere. Maybe an art gala or museum party, or a date night with Jay-Z. Fully lined, I would love to see Emily Blunt wear this – she could definitely take a few more risks with her wardrobe.

Maison Margiela 2: Maybe it’s the model’s haircut or stink face, but I’m seeing Kristen Stewart in this very vibrant blue apron dress.

Elie Saab 1: Huge gowns are what couture was made for. I love them! And especially this Elie Saab dress because it’s not his traditional fabric choice. Two years ago, Kerry Washington wore a Giles gown to the premiere of Django Unchained and it remains one of my all time favorite looks. So I would love to see this on her.

Alexis Mabille: Celebrating his 10th year doing couture, Mabille drew upon his uses to inspire this collection. This tightly tailored, slick red gown would be stunning on on up-and-coming actress Alicia Vikander.

Alexandre Vauthier: Iterations of this dress have flooded the market, but Vauthier is the dress’s true designer. Known for sky-high slits and very deep-Vs. Jennifer Connelly is one of the most beautiful women on the planet, and her body is ridiculous, but you may not know it. Albeit, stylish, but never overtly sexy. Her dark features would make the gold pop; I would also style the dress with these her signature Louis Vuitton patent ankle boots, you know, for that unexpected contrast.

Fendi: This look belongs to that celebrity who wears head-to-toe looks. And this one goes to Jennifer Lopez. I don’t know where she’s wearing it, but I don’t care because it’s so fabulous, only this gorgeous, ageless beauty can pull it off.

Elie Saab 2: This is Elie Saab’s bread and butter. He knows what he does well and we love him for that. Many women wear his creations and look beyond beautiful. His dresses and jumpsuits vary in color, but all have the same magical wonder about them. This jumpsuit has a cape, which is awesome, and it is also the hugely anticipated color for fall – berry. I’m choosing Frieda Pinto – she dresses pretty feminine, and pretty safe, so I would love to see her in this jumpsuit to break up her more demure choices.


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