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Coats are like strollers, you can never have only one


I need another winter weather coat about as bad as I need another stroller. (At one point I had 6.) Any outerwear-loving fashion person will tell you there is no such thing as a one-style-fits-all coat that will go with everything. Much like strollers no single one can meet all your needs. Single, double, double side-by-side, double stacked. The list is endless, and don’t even get me started on cab and travel strollers. For me, coats are as necessary and abundant as the perfect stroller. I need a long coat for longer hemlines, a short(er) coat so certain outfits don’t feel so heavy. A lightweight winter coat, a medium weight winter coat, a winter winter coat. A statement coat, a formalwear coat, fur or faux fur, you see where I’m going with this? You can tack on a whole slew of other criteria when you become a mother. A tissue pocket? Snack pocket? Is it washable? On any given day, a good stroller can make up for what your coat lacks. Both are considerations when heading out for the day and often piggy-back off each other.

If we’re walking to the American Museum of Natural History I will need a heavy coat and a sturdy stroller with storage to stow it. My trusty UppaBaby Vista is my daily, New York City go-to stroller. It can handle the uneven sidewalks, curbs with no ramps, and endure any type of weather. It’s like a classic, wool Burberry coat. In it for the long haul. Stylish and functional. If we’re cabbing it it to the museum I will need something with a smaller footprint, easily collapsible, but still comfy to ride around in once inside. The BabyZen Yoyo stroller meets these needs. I do have to say this stroller is also quite chic and can fold up so small it will fit in the overhead compartment of an airplane. The storage is limited though. With it’s chicness in mind, I think this leopard Balenciaga opera coat would be the perfect accompaniment. You can leave it open while you wonder the halls of the museum and its full shape allows for a belt bag tucked inside to carry cards and snacks. And if you’re baby-wearing the shape of the coat won’t be compromised by the carrier.

Right now, I need both a coat and a stroller everyday. Each child has one that fits their needs and I have two options for double strolling depending on the distance we’re going. It seems excessive but proper gear always makes things easier and more efficient. And for the foreseeable future, coats and strollers will be the most significant purchases of our household so they better go hand in hand.

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