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This coat will sell out


Every now again I come across something I have to buy because it fulfills three very important pieces of criteria: wearability, longevity, and a reasonable price point. This coat is that piece. On the surface it may seem like a leopard faux fur coat could be limiting, but reader, let me tell you it is a forever statement piece. Hence, the wearability factor. When you treat this pattern as a neutral it will go with everything. A bold piece of outerwear will up the ante of any outfit – it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing your athleisure or a suit underneath. No one will notice anything but the coat. Which brings me to the longevity part – leopard print never truly goes out of style. In my opinion this coat is as classic as the white button down shirt or leather jacket and every wardrobe has a place for it. Now the price: $300. Yes, you read that right. I understand for many $300 is not cheap, but when you’re talking about a piece of outerwear, something that could potentially be worn everyday, each winter, for years, the price is completely justifiable. I think it’s tough to find a solid, well made coat anywhere for less than $300, so this J. Crew option is a great deal. I would highly recommend acting fast as this coat will surely sell out long before it’s cold outside.

Tags: fall / faux fur / J. Crew / leopard / outerwear / sustainable / winter

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