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Images courtesy Cecilia Margarita de Corral

Cecilia Margarita de Corral


I met the lovely Cecilia Margarita de Corral after I missed out on one of her jackets at Oroboro store. I reached out to her for any leftover inventory and she informed me she doesn’t really keep extra pieces, all of her things are custom. Instead she invited me to make something together. I loved the green and denim patchwork jacket I had seen previously and Cecilia told me we could customize the amount of green or denim, the sizes of the patchworks, and the amount of batting or quilting to adjust the warmth. I was thrilled! Normally, the idea of creating something custom is daunting, and pricey. But not with Cecilia- she was so excited and accommodating, and the the price was the same as the jacket I loved in the store. Within a week she had sent me my sketch to approve. I made no changes and she completed my jacket in another week and delivered it to my apartment. It’s exactly as I expected, and one of my favorite purchases all year. Cecilia’s Instagram features many of her unique jackets and Oroboro has a few one-of-kind pieces available here.


Talk to me about your design process?

Typically the textile is my first consideration. If I have a great color or texture combination I want to see, or if I’m at the point where I’m dealing with tiny scraps, then that informs the patchwork. I’ll form the larger patchwork textile first. All of the jacket components are then cut out of it. I don’t work with a pattern so every piece has a different shape, and I rarely sketch. I really appreciate the final stage when the piece has taken its final form. It’s almost always a surprise.

Where do you go for inspiration?

We’re so lucky to live in New York. We have the option of going anywhere and finding inspiration. Typically though, inspiration hits on a long drive or when I’m doing something totally removed from making.

Will you start to wholesale more of your work?

Every piece is handmade by me. All of the assembly is done with a machine and the quilting, hemming, and finishing is done by hand. It’s all a very important part of the process, but it limits production. I hope to continue connecting with folks and vendors that appreciate that part of my process as well.

What do you love working with clients on custom pieces?

I love the direct connection. So much of my process is done at home, very solitary, in a very personal way. When you hand the piece off you wonder if you’ll ever see it again or where it will end up. It feels really special to meet the person and share contact with the client directly. Collaboration is also always a great exercise.

Is designing your full time job?

I have a full time job that I love as a project manager for Brooklyn Grange. My days are actually spent designing and building green roofs and urban landscapes. When my day is done I go home, make dinner, and pick up my sewing. My job can be quite physical. Ending my day with CMC is always very meditative.

What do you love about fashion?

Good question. I feel a little distant from the fashion world but I can appreciate it. As a maker it’s really great to see where your pieces end up. Sometimes it’s with someone who’s very involved in fashion, other times it’s with a long time friend. I’m just happy my pieces find good homes.

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