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Image courtesy Catherine Kallon

Catherine Kallon


London native Catherine Kallon is the founder and editor of famed fashion blog Red Carpet Fashion Awards. Though she has no formal background in fashion, Kallon’s personal taste, spot-on commentary and ability to get the red carpet scoop in seconds won her website accolades from top publications around the world and crowned her a bonafide industry insider.


How long have you had your site? What was the inspiration for launching?

The site has been running since 2007, professionally since 2010. My inspiration was a mixture being the only woman in a sports marketing office and frustrated by so many incorrect dress credits in publications.‎

Do you have employees? Is it tough to manage multiple events in the same day?

I don’t have any employees, but I do work with freelancers. Yes, it is tough. I am glad the BAFTAs and Grammys are no longer on the same night.

What sources do you use for images?

I purchase my images from Getty mostly.

How do you get designers confirmed for outfit posts?

I look online. Style.com, Net-A-Porter plus other outlets and press releases.

You clearly have an eye for style – how have you honed in on your personal taste in order to determine whose look works and whose doesn’t?

I know what I like and what I don’t like and that’s what I write about.

Why did you decide to keep it limited to the red carpet only? Are you interested in street style?

Because that was the side of fashion I was most passionate about.

Which celebrity’s style do you always look forward to seeing on the red carpet? Who has surprised you most in the last year? Any favorite breakout style stars?

I love Cate Blanchett, Diane Kruger and the recent breakout star is Lupita Nyong’o.

Do you look forward to personal evenings out that require you to dress up or down?

I love to dress myself up. I just wish I had unlimited resources like some celebs.

What happens in the off-season? When are you busiest?

I guess off-season is Christmas when there are no events. I’m busiest on the night of the Met Gala and Oscar/Vanity Fair night.

Where do you see the site in the next five years?

More traffic, full-time staff, located in LA.

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