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Are your shoes having FOMO too?


Do you ever feel sad for the shoes you don’t wear often? I’ve had this dilemma lately because I’m constantly reaching for my sneakers, like literally every day. I know fashion sneakers have become very popular in recent seasons, but I’m not even trying to be fashionable necessarily. My PS (personal style) is very low maintenance. I never, ever, want to appear as though I’ve tried too hard on any given day. But, I’m afraid lately this philosophy has morphed into I didn’t try at all. I recently wrote about incorporating more of a uniform into my dressing, and I have sort of done this (leather pants, sweater, said sneakers), but I’m really having emotions about the other gorgeous shoes left out of rotation. I don’t want this piece to become a piece about how lazy I am, which it could, but let’s not go there. Every season I covet a handful pairs of shoes and I invest in a few. This season it was these and these. And I love them, like really love them. Both are versatile, easily dressed up or down, and actually comfortable. So why don’t I wear them at least once a week? This is not rhetorical, does this happen to you? Sometimes I think the fear of scuffing them on the horrifically uneven New York City sidewalks is debilitating. What’s worse than not wearing a beloved pair of shoes? Ruining them! So, let’s all commit to trying a bit harder this year, not falling into silly outfit routines, and remember that fashion is fun so wear those over the top, Dolce & Gabbana embellished brocade Mary Janes!

Tags: Accessories / Dolce & Gabbana / Fall 2015 / Golden Goose / Gucci / Style

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