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Three years ago we interviewed Scott Morrison, founder of 3×1, Morrison’s third successful denim venture. And three years ago the company wasn’t nearly what it is today. What started off as a mostly custom and bespoke business has evolved into a major denim collection carried in specialty stores all over the world. I wanted to revisit the brand because I recently came upon a pair of 3×1’s I love, and I am not a denim girl. I actually hate wearing jeans. My waist-to-hips-to-butt ratio makes it really tough to find a pair that truly fits without feeling like I’m vacuum-sucked into them. So I really surprised myself when I came across this pair. I mean, they’re pretty bold for a non-denim person. I followed the size guide accompanied in the description and ordered online. (I’m not going to tell you where I bought them, because the experience was so horrible I don’t want to give them any acknowledgement, but at the time I placed the order they were the only store that carried them. My Twitter account don’t lie though.) Honestly, I was expecting to either have to exchange for a different size or return altogether. When they arrived…they pretty much fit perfectly and were flattering. I was like, how is this possible? What kind of denim wizard is Scott Morrison?

I should have know that after 15 years in the denim business Morrison is some kind of denim wizard. He knows denim like no one else. And because of this he can be really thoughtful in the design process. The weight of the fabric, two-way vs four-way stretch, treatment of the denim – Morrison considers everything to achieve the the best fit. I also appreciate that despite the non-stretch denim trend lately (Re/Done, Simon Miller) – 3×1 is still going strong on the stretch styles for women. It’s nearly impossible for me to find a pair of 100% cotton denim jeans that fit without an alteration. Trust me, this is not for lack of trying. Real women need some stretch.

3×1 has some signature styles too. I literally did not attend a fashion show two weeks ago where someone wasn’t wearing this pair. Their version of the popular-for-Fall cropped flare is a tad more subtle; it’s called the baby bootcut (how cute is that?). Morrison has crafted a solid denim line and has not left anyone out. I challenge all of you to just try and find a pair of 3×1’s that doesn’t work for your body type. (It will be impossible.)

Image via Vogue.com

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