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Image courtesy Anine Bing

Anine Bing


From musician to model to running her own brand, Anine Bing has creativity in her bones. She launched her namesake collection in 2012 with a unique model: new pieces land in stores each week. In some ways, Bing pioneered the see-now, buy-now method. She says her social media following influenced her to direct a brand the way women want to shop, and that means instantaneously. In the few, short years the brand has existed, Bing has opened five stand-alone stores and is available in more than 300 retail outlets worldwide. Bing embodies the effortless, but put together vibe of the brand, and her forward-thinking will inevitably lead ANINE BING to continued success.


Where did you grow up?

I was born in Denmark, but moved to Sweden as a teenager. I was fortunate enough to have a bit of both worlds growing up.

What did you enjoy most about being a musician?

I love the creative process behind every song and the way you can express yourself through music. But since I started my own line I haven’t had the time to be in the studio which is something I miss. I hope I will be able to free up some time in the future since I really love to sing.

How was your experience transitioning from model to creative director?

It’s been a natural process and a position that I’ve grown into organically. I’ve always been very true to my own style and I would never design anything that I wouldn’t wear myself which makes for a very honest and transparent process.

Would you consider the brand to be an extension of your personal style?

Absolutely! Since the day I decided to launch ANINE BING I’ve had a very clear vision of the brand’s aesthetic. I love an effortless look, when you’re not trying too hard to look a certain way. I always strive to find a balance in an outfit so I like to combine edgier pieces like a pair of leather pants with a bohemian top or a simple t-shirt.

I take the same approach at the drawing board. I want to create a line with pieces that work really well together and that can be paired in multiple ways.

Why did you choose to establish your headquarters in LA?

This is where I’ve lived for the last 12 years and I love the vibe of this city. It has everything you need and now also a very exciting and thriving fashion industry that I am so happy to be a part of.

By introducing new pieces every week, you have helped to redefine the retail cycle. How did this idea come about?

When I decided to start my own line I could see that there was a huge interest and demand from my readers and followers to find the pieces I was wearing immediately.

I decided that I wanted to implement a “see now – buy now” approach to my line and step away from traditional seasons so that the women who liked the my designs could get them right away instead of waiting six months to get their hands on them. So much has happened in the last four years, and I believe we consume fashion in a completely different way these days.

Do you think this concept will become the future of retail?

You need to have the right kind of set up in order to move fast, and not everyone has that opportunity. I also think that it takes time to change, and for brands that have been around for decades it is a longer process than if you’re starting from scratch.

Can you walk us through a bit of your design process?

I start by creating a mood board for each collection. I collect inspiration from flea markets, old movies, magazines, and music videos to set the tone for the next three months. I have a team of designers working with me, creating sketches that are then being sent off for sampling. Once we receive samples and make necessary adjustments they’re sent to production. We have a very fast and efficient way of working and that’s what also makes it possible to move in season and introduce new styles every week.

Your company has grown tremendously in the past four years. Did you anticipate this kind of rapid growth?

I have always wanted to grow organically and that is something I’m really happy about. I feel like everything has come at the right time and it’s been a fantastic journey to be on. I’ve loved every minute of it and I’m really excited about the future of the brand.

What would you say is your greatest success thus far?

Opening our Paris flagship store was such a milestone and a moment I’ll never forget.

What might we find you doing on a day off?

Spending time with my kids and husband. Visiting the farmers market, hanging out in the garden and maybe going out for an early dinner with the family. But, honestly, just taking it easy and catching up on quality time!

Do you have any words to live by?

You know when you know.

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