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A personal style of your own


I am as happy for newly engaged Meghan Markle as the next royal enthusiast. She and Prince Harry have looked so genuinely happy in their interviews together since announcing their engagement earlier this week. What I am not looking forward to…the endless “How to get the Meghan Markle look” posts and segments that will surely come as the second most anticipated royal wedding nears. For some reason “Access Hollywood” was playing in the background last night in my apartment, and I looked up with just enough time to catch the hosts offering how to get Meghan Markle’s off-duty yoga outfit. Seriously? It was a pair of black leggings, a striped shirt, and a trench coat. I bet every woman in America was wearing a version of this outfit as the piece aired. I personally cannot understand the popularity of these types of content. I have zero desire to dress like Meghan Markle just like I have zero desire to dress like Kate Middleton. I think posts like this prey on women already insecure in their personal style, or maybe in their lives in general, and are subtly suggesting that by buying a striped shirt or a Jenny Packham dress would help secure a royal husband of their own. I am a firm believer that we all possess a personal style of our own, and it’s very uniquely personal and is an extension of the way we feel and think. So by trying to emulate someone else’s is like trying to be that whole person. I, for one, feel a responsibility as someone with even the slightest bit of influence, to help anyone struggling to find a personal style of their own with my content. By introducing designers and collections to you I hope you find what you like without feeling like you need to become a different person.

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