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A pants problem


When I shop, online or in person, I unconsciously gravitate toward pants. No matter what! If you were to look in my closet, you would find patterned pants, leather pants, jeans (I never wear), colored jeans (I rarely wear), leggings, knit pants, silk pants, satin pants, you get the point. To say I’m well stocked in the pants department is an understatement. (And I still want these.) However, when it comes to tops, my wardrobe is seriously lacking. Which actually discourages me from wearing many of my fabulous pants. This is obviously my own fault because I don’t think, or shop, in an outfit sort of way. But, then here I am, with no shirts. This is my concerted effort to change that. Top tops here:

Lauren Manoogian pullover

Acne cotton blend button down

Tessa Mathias Hawaiian top

Paris Georgia silk tank top

Rachel Comey overlay top

Palmer/Harding portrait button down top

Rejina Pyo oversized linen top

Rosetta Getty split apron t-shirt

Isa Arfen bubble sleeve top

Atlantique Ascoli striped top

Rachel Comey ribbed tee

Vivien Ramsay bodysuit

Re/done classic vintage white tee

Vivetta cotton poplin crop top

Thierry Colson Scarlett silk georgette top

Molly Goddard silk top


Tags: blouse / ready-to-wear / shirts / Spring 2018 / tops / womenswear

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