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A new series: Taking an ethical approach to fashion


Since launching the site in 2011 we have interviewed nearly 200 fashion insiders ranging from emerging designers, well-known designers, influential bloggers and tastemakers, editors and buyers of the most interesting stores in the world. As we’re sure you’ve noticed in the last year there have been changes to the site and as we continue to curate a highly selective group of features we have decided it is time to officially introduce a new series.

In the past we have featured such brands (Maiyet, Amanda Hearst, Warby Parker) with a clear ethical approach to fashion, however I think what we are learning as fashion insiders and consumers is that a socially conscious brand does not imply a compromise in quality. It isn’t necessarily all or nothing. Our new series will focus on those designers/brands who have infused a socially responsible or ethical approach to fashion into their brand identity in some way. The ways of incorporating a socially responsibly or charitable message into a brand are unlimited, whether it’s a core component of the brand or a selection of products for a specific cause, both create an awareness and support something bigger than themselves.

We hope you enjoy the new series and look forward to your feedback!

Tags: charity / ethical fashion / luxury / retail / socially conscious / Style / sustainable

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