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Week in Review

Week In Review


Florence Welch on Being Gucci’s New Muse How Maximalism is Changing the Shape of Fashion Saint Laurent Pays Tribute to LA at Hollywood Show Millennials Seen as New Luxury Targets Balmain Reportedly Seeking Sale Image Courtesy of Gucci

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Rajni Jacques


As New York Fashion Week hits full stride we thought it best to feature one of most authentic voices in the industry. Her vast range of experience began as an intern at Fader magazine post-Rutgers graduation and in no time Jacques had made a name for herself with her compelling writing and charming personal style [...]

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Olivia Fay


Inspiration for Olivia Fay’s womenswear collection Rallier, came from close to home. Her grandmother supported her children’s education by operating a dress shop in San Francisco in the 1950s. Similarly, Fay was drawn to an education mission component to her business. After watching the film Girl Rising, Fay learned one of the obstacles girls face [...]

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Hayley Phelan


It’s so cool, and rare, when you read something and you feel like you know the writer. They have presented a story in such a compelling manner you can’t help but relate in some way. This is how I feel about Hayley Phelan. She’s personable with a point of view that leads you to thinking [...]

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