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Perla Formentini and Bianca Tse


Perla Formentini and Bianca Tse launched the luxury Italian shoe brand Perla Formentini for Winter 2015. The brand is a nod to both women’s family legacy in the shoe business: one in manufacturing and one in retail. Together, and with a team led by women, they design shoes made for confident women at an affordable [...]

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The writing on the clothes


Rachelle Hruska’s unofficial tag line for her new sweater line Lingua Franca is “if you don’t know, now you know,” and I really love it. She’s a household name in the industry – she’s the founder of Guest of a Guest and her husband is Sean MacPherson and he owns all the cool places to [...]

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Our favorite Spanish born, Brooklyn-based womenswear designer Stefania Borras has just launched her latest collection, and it’s full of the versatile and modern pieces Datura has become synonymous with. The collection is comprised of a handful of silk colorways: citric orange, passion red, olive green, her signature navy polka, black, and white linen. Stefania lives [...]

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