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Best thing you never bought

Stefania Borras


One of my very favorite womenswear designers is Stefania Borras of the online-only brand, Datura. This brand is for the cool girls. Easy and chic separates in 100% natural fibers (silk, linen, mohair, cashmere) make up capsule collections released throughout the year.

Stefania so delightfully answered our thought provoking, and sometimes gut-wrenching question, “What is the best thing you never bought?”

“I have remembered this for many years and even visualized it in my dreams! I saw the most beautiful dress ever. It was a thick white cotton, hand embroidered summer dress. It was a hand stitched, long shirt-type dress with tiny hidden shell buttons, very Mediterranean, 70s style. It had some frills but was minimal at the same time. The dress looked like it could either be from the 70s or from the 90s. Annoyingly it was also very cheap, like less than 30 euros. I found it at a small market in a town somewhere in the South of France, the same day we were leaving. Everyone was already in the car and and getting really impatient with me for still looking around so I had to just leave it and go. I thought about it the entire journey back, getting more and more upset as I realized I would never see it again. This is the one I remember most, but it has also happened many other times. Some are opportunities like the one I described, where there’s only one chance to ever buy it, then there are the other newer pieces that get sold out while you are thinking about it. I try to think quite a lot before I buy something because I often get the feeling of wanting something really badly and then once I buy it – I don’t want it anymore. On the other hand my favorite items of clothing and shoes are usually the ones I buy out of pure intuition – the perfect thing at the perfect moment. When you have the feeling that something is really special, it usually is.”

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