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Top10 best faux fur for the season


My favorite wardrobe piece to buy is a coat. A coat transforms an outfit. Whether your coat is a statement fur, a timeless overcoat, or a classic trench you are communicating something to the world about what’s happening in your day. Usually, for me, it’s covering up an uninspired leggings and sweater outfit. I have a rack of coats hanging in our guest room displayed like art. I have heavily invested in outerwear over the past five years and am constantly rotating years-old favorites with in-season ones. I have a few rules though:¬†when you fall in love with something buy early in the season. This usually means mid-August when Fall collections first hit. I have done this twice and the coat I bought over the summer was sold out by fashion week. I know, I know, I have a hard time buying this early too, but it’s always always worth it. My second rule: never spend too much on a trendy piece. While speaking to a friend today she shared she was contemplating an Yves Solomon green camo parka with pink fur purchase. And I just couldn’t support it. Maybe a green parka with fox fur, but in my opinion in order to justify the price tag, you have to see yourself in it for years. Unless…rule number three: it’s massively marked down. I always endorse a fun sale purchase. The time to get out of your wardrobe comfort zone and try something new is when it’s at least 50% off. I am LOVING faux fur right now. The price points are reasonable, they are very warm, and there are many to choose from at the moment.

Suzanne Rae faux mink coat

Dries van Noten triple layer faux fur coat

Maryam Nassir Zadeh Luisa long faux fur coat

Diane von Furstenberg cropped faux fur coat

Burberry faux fur coat

J. Crew Yuna faux fur coat

Shrimps cropped pearl embellished faux fur coat

MM6 faux fur double breasted coat

Vivetta leopard print faux fur coat

Maryam Nassir Zadeh faux fur bomber

Image via Maryam Nassir Zadeh website

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