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Momo Suzuki


Japanese-born designer Momo Suzuki has figured out what all women want. And that’s new clothes every season that seamlessly fit into our minimalist, chic wardrobes. Suzuki founded LA-based collection, Black Crane with her husband, also a designer, Alexander Yamaguchi. Together, they create, sought after, cult status pieces that routinely sell out at they most interesting [...]

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Courtney Klein


Courtney Klein, mother and founder of chic maternity line, Storq, gives us a peek into her business and lifestyle with our final interview in our very special motherhood-inspired series. The idea for Storq was born after Klein listened to pregnant friend after pregnant friend lament the lack of maternity basics available in the market. Seeing [...]

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Stacey Fraser


A passion for children’s wear, fifteen years experience at companies including Gapkids, and Ralph Lauren, plus, a yearning for a life/work balance all culminated in the launch of Pink Chicken. In less than ten years, the brand Stacey Fraser started with a selection of with colorful, bold, vintage-inspired children clothes has expanded to include tweens, [...]

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Colleen Crivello


“It’s not a balance, it’s a juggle.” Truer words may have never been spoken. And Colleen Crivello knows the juggle, as a mother and wife, founder and designer of CHaLK, creative director of Ralph Lauren Girls and Baby, and most recently, founder of MINIMODE, an online shopping and editorial destination for stylish moms – downtime [...]

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FOMO: To buy or not to buy?


On any given day, I open my email and I have at least 75-100 emails from retailers and independent designers. While I have subscribed to many newsletters, some are automatic when you place an order online. My love and support for small, independent designers is well documented here, and I’m happy to hear most news [...]

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